Friday, January 28, 2011


After much searching and querying, I've managed to find a commercial dentist I think I can trust in Kuching. Usually, I conduct a 'search' before I put my money where my mouth is and since the vibe was good when Mr. Dentist did a general check on my teeth last Wednesday, I am looking forward to an oral overhaul short of reconstruction.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diet begone

In an attempt to start the day "well" I've been through the following diet routines:-

When I thought breakfast shoukld be the biggest meal of the day...
1) Full on wantan kampua breakfast with coffee or tea (ocassionally add deep fried kompia bursting with pork)
2) Reduced to wantan brekafast
3) Eliminated excess oil by having wantan soup breakfast

After deciding not to eat out for breakfast too often...

4) 1 slice buttered toast with black tea
5) 1 slice plain toast with black tea
6) 1 piece anzac biscuit with hot lemon water
7) 1 cup hot lemon water
8) 2 spoonfuls of oats with black lemon tea

Considering my weight hasn't altered an iota, I think I should just go back to having my full on kampua wantan breakfast with all the trimmings.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Edited:- I mean hypersensitive. And yes, Fi, I was thinking of hypoallergenic tape.

Jewellery is personal and personally, I'm not a big fan of metal. Metal tends to rust, leaving orange stains or dusty fragments on new clothes. Woe betide if you happen to wear lace. One catch in a metal clasp and you can kiss your garment goodbye. metal also has this "squeaky" "scrapy" feeling to it... or maybe I'm just hyposensitive hypersensitive. Having said that, I own a couple of metal based jewellery and if anyone can tell me how to restore the gloss without sacrificing the stone, please drop me a line.

My perception of metal may however, soon turn on its head for in my search for "out of this world" jewellery, I recently chanced upon this site:- Wickwire Jewellery. Being the creature of routine that I am, there is obvious hesitance at evolving my wardrobe to suit newly acquired jewellery however, such beautifully crafted pieces as shown below may well change my mind in the near future.

Although it may not be what its creator intended, this piece brought images of Medusa saving the world to mind and the Wicked Witch song, "No good deed goes unpunished." A somewhat defiant beauty.

If the above piece reminded me of the Wicked Witch, this definitely sealed the deal, also bringing to mind "Mirror Mirror," another awesome work by Gregory Maguire in his own interpretation of the Snow White myth.

Don't let my reserve stop you; if you're into jewellery, more can be found at Nancy's Artfire page here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dream log

In no particular order these are the dreams I remember having. If anyone can interpret them that would be grand.
  • I am looking after my late grandfather's textile shop in what looks like an English shoplot. It's sot of pine-coloured. It has a wooden front door with rectanglar glass panels. We're closing for the day. A lady called Susan has delivered a baby which is in a low crib. A grandfather with a pipe (looks a lot like Christopher Plummer) is trying to break into the shop to shoot the baby. I am leaning aganst the door to hold it shut. He breaks the glass panel on the front door and aims his gun. I try deflect his aim. The bullets look like Malteasers. In real life, I end up rolling over my queen-sized bed, over my larger-than-life sized stuffed dog, over laundry, and end up back-first on the floor.
  • I am walking on a road in a scene that looks like it came out of a Disney family movie. Suddenly the sky turns grey and soldiers and tanks rush up. There are soldiers lying in the drain using it as cover. They are all waiting for something. Suddenly a giant T-Rex shows up. Everyone screams and runs. Naturally, the T-Rex decides to chase me and the soldiers are saving their own butts. I run til I can run no more. I fall. In my hand I am carrying a bag of mix-and-match candy. The T-Rex lowers his head and instead of crushing my body, snatches the bag of candy thinking it's me. It flings it in the air and lets it hang limp from its teeth. Then it starts to walk away. I am so relieved. I get up. I hold my breath. The T-Rex turns around. He realizes that it's only candy that he's got. He chases me. I run. I run into a building. He's after me. I run into a smaller room. He's still after me. I run into a boiler room. He comes in through the door. Dammit he's shrinking. He closes in on me. I can see his teeth. He... I wake up.
  • I am running away from the evil stepsisters. I run out the back door. There's a chicken wire fence 6 feet high. I impulsively leap. And I fly. But the air in dense so it feels like swimming. I turn into a flying horse but I'm still wearing the shoes I wore as a human.
  • I am perched on a rocky ledge over my old secondry school canteen. People tell me to come down. I say I can't; I'll fall.
  • I'm losing teeth. They keep dropping.
  • C is getting married in an Italian restaurant in a blue dress.
  • H is deathly sick.
  • I am about to marry X but a giant chicken barges into church and distracts the crowd before I say I do. 
  • I am watching myself torture myself. I can feel myself torturing myself. I can feel myself being tortured by myself.
  • I wonder why there's an orang utan in my room. In real life my stuffed dog has fallen over the bed and I'm subconsciously squeezing its paw.
  • I have walked and talked in my sleep before.
  • I dream a man-shark is chasing me through the kitchen.
  • I dream I am at a basketball court in a face-off with a purple dragon. I think to myself, "This is a dream so I will be able to defeat this dragon." I try to do a flying kick but I can't. I am frustrated because isn't one  meant to do whatever they want in dreams? I see D doing martial arts. "Even D can do martial arts in MY dream and I can't," I think to myself. In my dream.
  • I have showered and am putting on my school uniform. I am tired but at least I'm ready for school. I wake up. Urgh...
  • I am sleepworking at my computer. I am typing furiously. J comes up to me and puts a hand on my shoulder. I wake up. Wow I have been sleep working I think to myself. How weird is that? Then I wake up for real.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Washed by the flood

If the crazy weather in Kuching carries on, Kuchingites will soon inherit yet another British trait; perpetually talking about the weather.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm thinking of all the things I have accomplished.
I'm thinking of all the things I chose to forgo.
I'm thinking of things I forgot to do.
I'm thinking of things I'm deliberately leaving undone.
I'm thinking of my to-do list for tomorrow.
I'm thinking of my to-do list for next week.
I'm thinking of my to-do list for next month.
I'm thinking of my journey in search of the accidentally-on-purpose.
I'm thinking of swimming in the smoke of bridges I have burnt.
I'm thinking of making marzipan and Chai tea.
I'm thinking of mad art and rigid caution.
I'm thinking of fine dining and soul food.
I'm thinking of crisp air and feeling clean.
I'm thinking of which shampoo to get next.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Countdown list

Let's try forget my obvious epic-wallowing potential and think of good things that have already happened in 2011. This is the year of the nose and no, I do not intend to get a rhinoplasty. Inching my way towards an Epicurian rose hedge begins with Marc Jacobs, double-whammy Lancome and DKNY. Also Molton Brown and Baylis & Harding.

My legal beagle (yes, beagle. like Wonderdog) wings will soon take flight in the East as in the West, "soon" being the operative word open to interpretation and subject to the discretion of the formidable Chief Justice. My papers have been filed. All I can do is wait. Considering this is the last ever petition for admission I will need to make under the Malaysian umbrella, I couldn't help but opt for pink tabs (see pic) as opposed to something more sombre and chic. Don't get me riled by saying how inappropriate it is. Just don't. You're not the one with the matching pink nail polish either.

Where does Jesus fit in with all this? We're talking about it. No, it is not an open conversation.


I aint missing you at all.