Thursday, December 02, 2010

December, December

This time last year I was beyond the moon when Chief gave me a day off work because I was going-to-collapse-soon ill. You can revisit my delayed death wish here. The day off work was however, replaced with a day in work the following Saturday. I am one of those unfortunate gluttons for self-punishment.

Is anything different this year round? New job, new town, new Chief. I guess not much changes when one is still, at heart, a perpetual glutton for punishment.

Having said all that, the result of dragging my beat-up body to work a year ago is that I now have precious and tangible proof in print on olive green paper to which I can point and proudly say, "I did that!" whilst floating on endorphins as I forget the agony of "childbirth."

Bring on December.

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