Thursday, December 09, 2010

Charge ahead!

I was in a feeding frenzy at the Popular Bookstore 10%-70% sale which you will be able to find on the 5th floor of Topspot until 9pm 12 December 2010. Unfortunately, being the responsible dog owner that I am, I couldn't spend my sweet time browsing whilst my dogs went hungry at home so I did a mad dash-grab-and-go and managed to pick up 6 books - the star buy of the night being Gregory Maguire's "Mirror Mirror" and the most indulgent being a coffee table book on haute couture shoes - after rejecting one on liposuction, another on recipes for vegetable side dishes and a Jeffery Archer novel (considering this was a grab-and-go, I commend myself highly for the restaint practised at having picked up only 6 books).

Approaching the cashier and feeling all too aware of my shallow pockets, I felt it was necessary to use those 3 precious words, "You take card?" Thankfully, being at a book sale, by all definitions of the word, meant that my card could sleep snugly whilst my wallet footed the bill.

The drive home was slowed down by rain and the peak hour traffic which meant I could, though not recommended, drive and read at the same time. Indeed, I had hungrily torn into the wrapping before my engine cylinders had completed their first round. Books are meant to be devoured and savoured.

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