Monday, November 15, 2010

Tea Total

*Editor's note: Having just returned from Pullman, I found out that the Passionfruit tea was also from Dilmah. Also, and more importantly discovered that the tea I actually rate as number 3 is not the Passionfruit tea but Pomegranate White by Gryphon. Nevertheless, enjoyed both pots with 4 macaroons. Have amended the list below accordingly.

  • Earl Grey sits comfortably in the Top 10.
  • Lady Grey sits above him.
  • Marsala (with milk and sugar) reigns above her.
  • The Passionfruit Pomegranate White tea from Cafe Chat, Pullman is currently at No.3. (Memo to myself:- must find out the name of the manufacturer)
  • Dilmah's Rose with French Vanilla (pic) is the 2nd best tea I've ever ever ever had; I give it the "I could die and go to Heaven right now" award.
  • Top of the list is still a Taiwanese lavender milk tea at ss.2 PJ, Selangor. It has its own category under "There is no such thing as reality." Will have some next weekend :D

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