Monday, November 22, 2010

Taib's Nation

In relation to the recent White Paper motion initiated by a BN candidate and passed by the State Legislature to establish guidelines to be adhered to by political "outsiders" especially those from Peninsular, our honourable Chief Minister made the following statement, "This is our nation, this is our Sarawak."

I should be jumping with joy that finally BN was trying and a leader was stepping up to the plate, no matter how corrupt he is (allegedly) and telling West Malaysia that they can't have their way every way, any way, all the time. But wait... this is Taib we're talking about. That he would choose such apt words sends a bolt of fear straight down my spine. There are things which are open secrets in Malaysia which cannot be shared here. The way our leaders scratch backs, the way they turn a blind eye, the way they give the handshake of death.

I'll admit, at first reading I was estatic that the White Paper was passed. I would have remained blissfully ignorant if our Deputy and Chief hadn't opened their big mouths to try reassure the public that they had their best interests at heart. In that way, I really should thank them. If anything is true, it is that whenever Georgie and T-Rex approve of something, one should pay extreme caution and it would be well worth it to listen to everything and accept nothing.

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