Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smudges on my palette

I wake up to a kampua breakfast and DKNY, wave to the traffic police on the way to work and happily indulge in blackcurrant tea. Then I read the newspaper and my what-started-out-almost-perfect day starts to sound like a tired gong.

It is extremely hard for me to keep a lid on the sentiments of the UMNO Youth Chief as reported in the Star. If what is said is true (unlike Wikipedia that paints a really sugar-and-spice, 'hallowed' light on his character here), then people like him create disunity and disturbance and incite racial hatred and establish road blocks on the path to harmony and mutual respect. It is frustrating and tiresome that so many are given a free rein with their wagging tongues and no threat of f***ing sedition is even mentioned. Let me just quote (according to the Star) some of the phrases and paraphrases that sound dirtier than bringing pork sausages to school.

"He likened the Opposition to a three-headed Roman monster Cerberus."
Cerberus was not so much a monster as he was a dog. Someone clearly has issues with dogs.

"Berpantang maut sebelum ajal, hingga ke titisan darah yang terakhir (Before we die, before the last drop of blood) the warriors of the movement - he's talking about UMNO youth here - will never surrender."
Surrender to what???? What last drop of blood? Someone is forgetting Chinese blood shed on 13 May 1969. Someone is forgetting the hand that raised itself against the people who have actually shed blood. Someone should ask who really did the shedding for this country. We shed and we're still here. We're alienated and prejudiced against in national policies which matter and we're still here. We're called pendatang and we're still here. Maybe, just maybe, we love this Country more than you do.

"He said it would be meaningless should the country become a high-income nation by 2020 but the Malays were still left behind."
I wonder if he knows that only 12% of the rakyat pay income taxes. Talking about becoming a high-income nation is a back-handed slap to the face. I'm also sorry to say this but if the Malays are left behind as a race, it is not the fault of other races who are offered pittance in the so-called fair NEP. One only needs to look into the history of the NEP to see that it has failed to lift the Malay race and has in actual fact, condemned the very people it sought to save. Maybe someone needs to point the blame elsewhere.

Just another separate point to ponder:-

Lim Guan Eng (Opposition MP) mentioned that less than 1% of the 784,900 Malaysians overseas had returned home in the last nine years.
I am part of that 1%. That makes me "special" right? Maybe I'm just stupid for having returned. What future is there for me here? Hishamuddin has already identified with the Pakistanis, Bajaus and Turks as having "Malay" roots and vice versa. What am I waiting for? That the Chinese be called "Malay" as well? Maybe when I'm a certified Malay I'll finally have enough funds to leave this place. Then the Government can go shake legs in the kopitiam wondering how to get me back.