Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Running in the rain

Most things in life have to be one or the other; you're either a morning person or a night owl; a cat lover or a dog one. You either like butter or margerine; wine or beer; the city or the countryside; walking or running. Whenever I go for my 'run' though, it usually means a very fast walk I walk for two reasons; to get rid of nervous energy, of which I seem to store in surplus and to chill by means of listening to music. I like actual running. I just don't do it very well. Running also causes my earplugs to fall out, which means I can't listen to music while I'm dreaming on my feet, which to me is stressful and defeats the purpose of eliminating nervous energy. So I walk. There are however, days when I do actually run.

It rained yesterday evening. Not your usual obnoxious downpour, it fell politely, as if apologetic for hitting grass and window panes along the way. Usually rain means forgoing my daily run but my feet were having a particular itch to move. So I ran. There was the running and there was the rain and there was, at the end of it all, waiting for me, a large bowl of special mee pok, with char siu oil.

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