Monday, November 22, 2010

(Log)Jam Tarts - did you know they voted AGAINST Sarawak??

Politics is full of them and I loathe calling anyone "YB" (Yang Berhormat (Who is Respected); prefix for MPs) for the very reason that giving anyone that title imposes a presumption (at least in my mind) that these would be YBs are the very people who dip their grubby paws into the gold rush spawned by bloodshed, corruption, lies, lust, deceit, malice, greed, cowardice and every kind of evil imaginable.

I can't believe that these damn wusses that we voted into the billion dollar State Legislature (which will probably cause the corrosion of the Waterfront river banks at some point in the future) frickin CHOSE not to debate the motion on who was responsible for the logjam disaster after all that bull about evaluating the situation and standing up for the people. Congratulations! By not standing firm and using your voice, you have conveniently let your people rot and sink under together with all that illegal timber you or your cousin's in-law's nephew is raping from our lands. Unless they have a bloody good reason, I suggest that every single person who voted against moving the motion to hear the issue be voted OUT in the upcoming election. I wonder how many children they managed to send to college by self-emasculation.

Forgive me if I don't call you YB. It means that I still have some hope that maybe you might be able to change things for the better.

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