Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Good news; bad news

The good news is I am light. Like Lurpak Light, not torchlight! Actually, I shouldn't be talking about butter. It makes me want extra thick toast.

The bad news about being light as I discovered last night, is I did not pack enough weight to fix my deflated car tyre. All things went to plan initially. All I had to do was remove the deflated tyre in order to put the spare in. Spanner was in place and I pushed, pressed, stomped and ended up jumping on it, trying to dislodged the nut. The car rocked like a bouncy castle but the screw wouldn't come loose.

Feminism may be the 'in' thing to chase but when it comes to cars, please may the XY chromosome set take over.

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Saz_lasung said...

hehe.... oh tedah..
When did that happen??