Friday, November 19, 2010

Following breadcrumbs

Hansel and Gretel had a nasty stepmom who wanted them better off kicking the bucket so for 3 days she took them jalan-jalan into the woods and left them out high and dry cos she thought they were wet behind the ears. 2 out of the 3 days they managed to come home cos super smart Hansel dropped white pebbles along the path that became the inspiration for our modern day cat-eyes on the road (I'm throwing wild guesses around here). However, on the 3rd day there was no stone pebbles to throw cos nasty stepmom had prevented Hansel from going outside the night before. She suspected that him going out the previous 2 nights had had something to do with their bothersome reappearance (she may be nasty but she ain't no dumb-dumb). So on the 3rd day, instead of pebbles, Hansel threw down breadcrumbs. He was then punished for being wasteful with his food (his stepmom didn't talk about the starving children in Africa) when all the birds came to gobble the bread and they couldn't find their way home (boo hoo).

Am feeling a bit like Hansel and Gretal now, lost in a maze of cannot-compute concepts. But on the upside, what Hansel and Gretal didn't have with them back then was Cadbury, Google, Nokia and Wikipedia. And Esther Anandaraj. So what if they found a gingerbread house?

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