Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thinking aloud

  •  ON BAKUN:- When one reads articles on Government funded (read: tax payers) projects like this one on the Bakun Project it is really disheartening that the relevant people in authority are so stupid, for want of a better word.
  • ON VOTING:- Who cares about my vote right? BN (National Line; current ruling government) will just say it's one vote in the whole of Sarawak and they certainly don't need it as they can count on buying votes and rigging ballots.
  • ON BN VS. PKR:- I'm not actually anti-BN (even though it may certainly sound like it) but I'm not pro-PKR (People's Justice Party) either. In as much as BN has floundered and blundered its way for the last 50 odd years and has until only recently treated the common citizen worse than clueless water buffalo, I don't see PKR doing much either except vocally supporting their 5-minutes of fame hungry de facto leader. Maybe the good stuff just doesn't make the news.
  • ON THE GOOD GUYS:- As with any coalition, the bad guys make the news more than the good. I personally know of politicians from BOTH ends who are actually taking steps to secure fairer treatment of the rakyat. I would like them to step up to the public eye more.
  • ON PRINCIPLES:- What I am against is double standards, corruption and worse still, the pathetic attempts at concealing or excusing said corruption. It's one thing to have obviously corrupt people leading us; it's another to have cowardly, stupid people backing the obviously corrupt.
  • ON FANFARE:- Most Malaysian politicians (note: not all) love the pomp and circumstance that come packaged in the latest Mercedes product. Thank goodness for checks and balances provided by the real world outside their hierarchical cocoon (read here and here).
  • ON THE NEP:- When I say I'm against double standards, I'm not talking about Malay rights here; in my view the New Economic Policy (NEP) has succeeded only in dividing the Malays themselves; the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. All the NEP does for non-bumi folk is to make official what we have known and lived through all along. The Bumi(s) can KEEP the NEP. That is the least of my worries.
  • ON GRASSROOTS:- A sudden lightbulb in my head! I believe that Malaysians should write in monthly to their local MP bringing to light at least one issue that is bugging them. Let's pretend that our MP is unfortunately, completely ignorant of the outside world and that we are tasked with floating revelations their way.
  • ON STUPID COMMENTS:- Ooops, did I floating? I guess I did since "some people" can say the Rajang has reached 'stable' levels when boats are beached, sediment is affecting the river bed and people can WALK across the Rajang. These airheads are the same people who will thick-headedly and stubbornly insist that water levels are stable when the Rajang dries up completely. Maybe the Egyptians too were building a dam when Moses crossed the sea eh?
  • ON BUYING POWER:- Does the Bank Negara Malaysia (National Bank) Governor feel nothing that the dirty dollars traded bear her signature?
  • ON BEING SARAWAKIAN:- I may not wade in the Rajang anymore or eat sago worms or literally scalp an enemy. I may prefer grapes to mangosteen and dream in English and not Iban or Chinese. I don't need to wave my Sarawak equivalent keris around to punctuate my identity.  
  • ON MY STAND:- I pledge not to party but to State and my affiliations are not to name(s) but to policy; I do not support titles but creeds; I do not support talk but the walk; I do not support promises but results; I do not measure success by statistics but by human impact; I do not heed what is said but what remains unsaid. I take everything with a bag of salt.   

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