Monday, October 04, 2010

I verily believe...

that the contents of this blog could possibly secure me a place in Business Psychology Postgraduate Studies or at the very least gives me a stab at becoming a human lab rat for psychology-related experiments.

I find it strange and amusing that in affidavits (legal documents where people state their side of the story) everyone has to state that the facts they submit are verily believed to be true but does it ever mention the state of mind of the said person? Can a schizophrenic submit an Affidavit? Can a person with Multiple-Personality Disorder? Can a Paranoid Narcissist? Can an OCD liar?

"I verily believe that everything in this Affidavit will be untruths because I am a compulsive liar."

Now is that the truth or a lie? For if it were truth then the above statement would be a lie but if it were a lie, the reverse of every subsequent statement may not necessarily add up to truth.


Karen said...

that's for you to challenge it via Affidavit in Reply/Opposition :-P

Anonymous said...

Maybe will require submission. Have to be of sound mind based on legal principles :p