Friday, October 01, 2010

Changing moments

Realities change. Every day. Every minute of every day. Every second of every minute. You don't even have to watch the stock market go through its compulsive daily seizures and read about the lives that are carried along in its frenzied wake to take notice of change. Change. We hardly dare embrace her yet are eager to be enticed in the same breath. Change, alluring indeed. We all want to know her charms, her promises, her touch, her elevated anticipations. We all want to bask in her approval and seek solace in her whispers of fulfillment and possible satisfaction yet few find her because few truly search for her though many may dream.

Change, some deride will come regardless so why search for something that will come in its own time? The irony of change for some is that it never seems to well, change. Expectations for some are as predictable as the seasons, routine, safe, with a degree of assumed understanding, boring. You finish high school. You go to college. Get a job. Get married. Have a baby. What if I really enjoy being a chicken farmer in Anchorage and who cares that chickens can't survive there?

Change cannot reveal what change is not allowed to. If I were spinning on my axis in equal tangent, distance, speed and whatever other quantum physics may come up with, in relation to every other person in the world, even though I may change within my axis, if everything else were altered accordingly, then, though the change may have occured, the impact of the change is never felt as every other equation still adds up. That's the problem with expectations. It expects that presuppositions will be naturally absorbed by the other's axis which will then make the necessary adjustments and realign itself accordingly.

Yes, realities change. The reality we once shared is no longer the reality I live in which means it can no longer be the reality you can live in, even if you may want to.

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