Friday, October 01, 2010

BMI = Body Mass Index = Big Middle Institution

I am a lousy dieter with no long-term self-control. Thank goodness for that actually or else I might actually achieve my goal of being 45 kilos by just not eating. According to the International BMI I'm smack right in the middle of good health but according to the Asian BMI, I'm 0.1 points away from being oveweight and since us South-East Asians are generally kiasu and don't like ending up at the bottom (or looking like one), I guess something has to be done.

So I tried. This morning I had one mouth of whole grain toast and one cup of black tea. Success!

Then I went to work and someone had bought really nice, oily, yam cakes to share and I had TWO. Fail!

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Saz_lasung said...

:) I think you look awesome actually ;)

But liking your post... Looks like I need a whole lot more of determination than you! I'll fail miserably... :(