Monday, October 11, 2010

Between the lines

The Malaysian Prime Minster was recently applauded for stating the obvious at the recent MCA general assembly. For those not in the know, MCA is the Chinese faction in the current ruling government's coalition.

According to the Star, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak emphatically stated that Malaysian Chinese were not immigrants and had been loyal to the nation for the past three to five generations.

As much as I do appreciate the gesture which puts him in a far better light than his carpet-sweeping counterparts, the fact that he even had to clarify that the Chinese were not immigrants beggars belief and shows up at best the comical and at worst the absurd situation of Malaysian racial politics. Do the Chinese really need to be told that they belong? Perhaps the statement was necessary to ally voters in the next election, or to beseech would-be homecoming Malaysians, or on a more noble scale, to make public his principles. What he did not say however, was that such statements made were sedition.

(Note: I really do not care for the Sedition Act or its heavy consequences (such as custodial sentences) except that in Malaysia it appears that the threat of executing the same is not by the merit or force of the allegation, but by which race it affects.)

I believe what the Prime Minister could do to truly support his convictions (if they indeed are) is to make that speech as emphatically at the next UMNO general meeting, the Malay faction of the coalition, considering the direction from whence grew forth the accusations. I would also kindly ask him to remind his followers that sedition cuts both ways although I seriously doubt that he will.

In fact, when I watched the news, I was considerably annoyed that whilst he mentioned that the Chinese were immigrants 5 generations ago, he made no comparison to the Malay or Indian communities who were also immigrants at some point in history. It really doesn't matter when. In reality the only true bumipteras are the ethnic groups of neither Malay, Chinese or Indian and if we want to take this debate back to Paleolithic times then all of us should be tip-toeing round this blessed island in case the Paleolithic Man arises and reclaims his territory.

The proof shall be in the pudding but right now the pudding's black.  Tanah tumpah darahku, dude. Paid in blood.

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Karen said...

what is sedition when the seditious man himself can get away with it