Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bank on the Piggy

If you can't tell your honey from the money
Or the goal from the gold
Or the rash from the cash
It's time to let go

Where your aim is just fame
And your bling is your ching
And your shine becomes grime
Where your bright is now shite 
Where your tongue becomes dung
Don't come near
Reek of fear
That your god isn't best
For your best is your god

What started good
got sidetracked
When you saw
how money stacked
Once was for them
Is now for you
And all the glory
You want anew

Quit comparing night to day
Or were you simply brought up that way?
Perhaps it's really not your fault
That your heart leans to the Vault
Surely, surely, others a part did pave
What's it to you anyway?
Forlorn from your gold-leaf grave.

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