Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Smells that make for a good night's sleep

Smell is an extremely powerful memory trigger. The smell of "oyster-pork-salted egg congee/porridge" for example, is a soothing olfactory lullaby of childhood times, Dettol reminds me of my accident and fried chicken smells of fun and excitement ahead. Incidentally, the smell of chlorine can get me fired up too. Chocolate coated coffee beans remind me of my penultimate year exams and passionfruit juice remind me of the days Victoria and I frequented Cubana in Waterloo. Once, in Japan, my subconscious was so bombarded with foreign culture that I insisted to Louise that someone in Japan was cooking my mum's soy sauce ginger chicken.

Scent is also a people identifier. There are some perfumes I can associate with only one person. Jlo Glo = Tara; Hugo Boss (dark blue) = Holty; Bold washing powder = Daniel :) There was one time in college when my coursemate Maria was walking about 50 metres ahead across the courtyard. Although my vision was terrible, like a hound, I picked up her scent of Flower by Kenzo in the wind.

 The following are some of my favourite smells.


Source: http://guardian.co.uk Photograph Andy Rain/EPA



Lily of the Valley
Source: http://landscape-photo.net Photograph Bruno Monginoux

I really enjoy savouring the world through smell. I could "go crazy" for all the scents and smells on offer that overpower my senses and make life interesting and full of anticipation. Yet, when I have quietened down and am ready to unwind, all I really need is this
-:go figure which one (really??):-

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