Monday, August 30, 2010

An Independent Malaysia?

1) Please practise and understand the art of sarcasm before reading any further. The author will not be held responsible for any heart attacks and/or partial and/or full strokes and/or increase in blood pressure to an unhealthy level due to reader being either overweight or possessing clogged arteries or both, as it is. The definition of "unhealthy level" is not subject to personal opinion and/or interpretation but shall follow the guidelines of the WHO which for your information, does not refer to the rock band.

2) Namecalling which includes but is not limited to monkey, dog or pig: When such namecalling is practised, the author is not doubting recipients' genetic foundations, neither is the author saying that recipients of such namecalling eat the aforesaid, think like one or are in any way biologically related to and/or resemble the same. The word 'poodle' in the blog title does not refer to fluffy haired ministers or idiots. Do not insult poodles; they are extremely intelligent. As are pigs.

3) The author believes that tolerance is a 2-way street without which, oppression would be a more suitable replacement. The number and or word two(2) is not subject to reintepretation and has linguistic and/or numerical immunity from the Sedition Act.


In the papers yesterday I read that the "Religious Police" were cracking down on Muslims who failed to adhere to the fasting month. The article quoted that Kuching was the worst culprit, hosting the highest number of people who failed to live up to the expectations of the Religious Police chose to eat which will no doubt be some fanatic's minister's excuse to flood Kuching with Islamic religious authorities and erect a giant green arrow in the sky pointing towards the alleged holy land. As expected, the said fa... minister will vehemently and strenuously propagate this idealism in the name of stupidity tolerance BEFORE the truth of the article is verified and by then it would be too late. Our only reminder of the RM1 billion spent, which could have otherwise been used in social welfare or in combatting crime, would be a giant neon edifice in the sky, which as most Malaysian products go, will probably disintegrate in the first rainstorm, not because Malaysian products are of low quality, but because incompetent fools relatives obviously deserve the tender for the project more than penumpang strangers with international recognition.

I believe that a Muslim's decision to fast is a decision made between the person and God and that that relationship should be honoured. The last time I checked, a threesome isn't permitted.

Brace yourself people, elections are coming soon. The side of the roads have been painted and bonuses paid out.

Sometimes I wonder if colonialism left too soon.

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