Friday, July 09, 2010

Proactive not prozac

Debs: Feeling better today!!!

Debibo: You weirdo. Last night you were a mess. And the dreams you were making me process last night were mad.

Debs: True, true, but LOOK at my shoes this morning. They're red! *starts singing "Oh Happy Day"*

Debibo: So what happened yesterday?

Debs: Bad hair day.

Debibo: Sounded worse than that.

Debs: A girl's gotta rant right? Cest la vie. Carpe diem. Phileo Damansara, Kuching and everything in between. But a bad hair day can make everything go ummm...

Debibo: Hair wire? *smirk*

Debs: I waaaaaas going to say that.... a bit punny, no?

Debibo: Very punny.

Debs: Punny, puny, puree, purdy...

Debibo: So have you come out of the big dipper yet?

Debs: Maaaybe... it depends

Debibo: On?

Debs: Are you going to buy me chocolate today?

Debibo: Really?

Debs: I've used up all my endorphins. I need to restock.

Debibo: Will Chipsmore work?

Debs: Too much flour. Keep guessing.

Debibo: Bounty?

Debs: I don't like coconut. Wubba wubba...


Debibo: Right.....

Debs: Right! *still smiling*

Debibo: Rocher.......

Debs: I don't feel like texture right now... but any other day, yes Rocher!

Debibo: No texture? Nutrageous (no*) Kinder Bueno (no*) Picnic (no*) Mars (no*) Crunchie (no*) Snickers (no*) Lion (no*)

Debs: I said "No texture lah." Go smoother.

Debibo: Hersheys (no*) Aero (no*) Aero Mint (no*) Galaxy (no*) Cadbury (no*)

Debs: Give it more oomph. Chocolate with OOMPH. Think mega special. S-P-E-C-I-A-L.

Debibo: The melt-and-die in your mouth type?

Debs: Go on!! *grinning and drooling at the same time if possible*

Debibo: Lindt? Guy Lian?

Debs: Warm

Debibo: Now we're getting somewhere! Thorntons?

Debs: Warmer. Top-of-fondue warm.

Debibo: Godiva...

Debs: Chilli chocolate fudge warm... keep going!

Debibo: Give me a clue.

Debs: Remember that bridge I wanted to jump off?

Debibo: *whispers* I believe there were quite a few...

Debs: *singing* "And how can I ever refuse? I feel like I win when I looooose..."

Debibo: Waterloo! Le Maison...

Debs: Yes, please. *beams* 85% cocoa. Don't make me wait til Christmas. Love you.

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Tyng said...

Comes to show that your internal dialog's as deluded as you are at times. Hilarious your little ramblings