Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I wanted to name my new puppy Jabba but my mum doesn't approve of the new puppy for reasons I will not mention and so now I have to choose another puppy. I don't think I can look at any other puppy in the eye and sincerely call it "Jabba" and not mean the other puppy so now I'm thinking of new names.

Chewbacca is my black & white collie purchased from Woolworths and I really don't want to name it Darth Vader even if it is all black and crippled. Cash, Sally, Troy, Brownie, Comet, Buck, Gypsy and Deuce have all been taken. I have reserved "Charlie Brown" for the Bullmastiff I will definitely get try get approval for in the future. Tommy is the name of the Rottie whose name I would have tattooed on myself had he given me more affection.

Am somewhat toying with the idea of Zwickau, Muntzer and Conrad Grebel. Alternatively, I think Sredni Vashter would make a great name. One could say it with such aplomb. Or Arlington Stringham. Or Dougal McGuire. Lynn would say, "Call it Hufflepuff."

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Ewok said...

Whoever Lynn is, she's spot on. You do belong in Hufflepuff!

If I had golden retrievers I would call them Franklin and Brinkley.