Thursday, July 08, 2010

How many times?


Lord, I got no more tears to cry,
Someone has hurt me, done me wrong,
I’m walking wounded, oh,

Lord, this pain is a knife of fire,
Why does it have to turn out this way?
Why to the innocent seem to pay?

How many times must I stand in the waves of this crashing sea?
How many times must I forgive all the hurt that’s been done to me,
let the jury go, set the sinner free?
Oh, seventy times seven.

Lord, I really don’t understand,
I’m looking ‘round for some stones to throw,
You’re telling me I should let it go.

How many times must I stand in the waves of this crashing sea?
How many times?
I hear what you’re saying inside of me, but I don’t understand the mystery,
Oh, seventy times seven.

How may times have you wept from the anguish of all my shame?
How many times have I nailed up on the cross of pain?
You bled from a broken heart and I was to blame,
Seventy times seven,

Over and over again,
Seventy times seven,

Lord, you know just how hard I have tried,
Seventy times seven,

Gotta see that I’m hurting inside,
Seventy times seven,

Don’t you know that my pride is at stake?
Seventy times seven,

So, tell me how much one should take,
Seventy times seven.


A knife of fire is something I know too much, too often. Sometimes like a bitter pill, we just have to swallow and bear it because there comes a point when empathy and sympathy from others just can't cut it anymore. Always, I fall into the same trap. Always the trap appear a promise of good things to come but slashes deep when it gets close and leaves gaping wounds that may never fill in this lifetime.

I may have piercings for you to see but a pierced heart who can tell? Yet the full cost of the true wounds I bear has been lifted from my shoulders. At times like this, how can I leap in jubilation when I can barely move from the foot of the Cross?

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