Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sometimes it's not just my digestive system which is slow. We were studying about WORRY's place in our Christian lives on Friday; whether WORRY manifested itself as OCD or a healthy concern. I know for a fact that OCD can crown himself king of my WORRY turning me, by default, into a vicious cycle of self-reliance and paranoia.

In some horrible way, I really do serve myself, my wants and my needs. I want to do mission work. I WANT. I want to learn more. I WANT. I want a bigger car. I WANT.

Gets a bit annoying doesn't it?

To all my "I WANTs," God has put his stamp of disapproval, turning my self-reliant circle smaller and smaller in on itself until I find myself facing my own tail in a tiny goldfish bowl. And when I think that I have to be resigned to spending the rest of my life in a goldfish bowl, suddenly God directs my myopic eyes upwards and outwards.

It is not that I have been swimming in a goldfish bowl but that I have been living like I swim in one.

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