Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mouldy Crab or Crabby Mould

The problem with workaholics is that they don't know how to stay nice and quiet, enjoying a day at home unless they're more ill than obssessed.

Work officially ended on Friday. Saturday and Sunday whizzed by as usual but on Monday something strange happened. I couldn't stop thinking about work. By all standards, my day should have been rated top-notch; I hung out with Auds, did the "I'm-so-free-that-I-can-brunch-at-Solaris" thing, enslaved myself to a chocolate lunch, indulged in impulse shopping (and wore my purchase out of the shop), made my way to see Tyng & Tyng on the other side of town for dinner and ended the night with Iron Man 2. Why then, did I find myself reciting file numbers and itching to get my into my office chair to send off emails only I could send? Did not my clients miss me? OCD to the max, that's what it is.

Because lunch was cancelled. I slept the whole of Tuesday, waking up momentarily to whine that I had nothing to do. The second I decided to make an impromptu but much needed trip to the post office, it started to rain, thunder and spit fire from Heaven. Ho-kay... clearly, clearly God wanted me to sucumb (being out of the working world for the whole of 48 hours and counting, I have forgotten whether sucumb has one 'c' or two) to cabin fever to make me realize what a good thing I was throwing away at work and how selfish I was not helping my clients 24/7 now that they needed me. Since when, did Clingzilla enter the picture? I forgot to mention that I single-handedly wiped out an entire packet of Famous Amos. The number of things that now elude me is appalling to say the least.

The only good thing that happened today after both my lunch and dinner dates stood me up is that I got tattooed. Yes, nothing quite like a permanent fixture to remind you why everything sucks. Even that was upsetting. The lady kept saying it would look like a sunflower. It looks like a sunflower alright. One that got sat on and squashed by a donkey's fat ass. It's a henna tattoo by the way. Which means it comes off after 2 weeks. Don't worry Pa.

As you can see, I am in a most amiable mood today. Feel free to call on me. The shrew hasn't seen anything yet.

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