Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sad face

I've been wanting to blog about my favourite subject for a long time. Wanted to blog about how Zeus is such a poor comparison to my favourite subject and how He (my  favourite subject; not Zeus) is so awesome. But I have the flu and can't make smart comments to do Him justice except to stare heavenwards, giving Him puppy eyes, beseeching Him to create a more potent Vicks nasal spray. So, how did I catch the flu THIS time?

The deadly handshake
I had been careful, administering recklessly large doses of Vitamin C to protect my poor immune system from the bad flu virus that lives, multiplies and mutates in the air-conditioning vents in my office (I swear it never really leaves; it just makes other people sick in turn). I have been hit 3 times already this year so when I felt the sniffles I downed Vit C pastilles, lozenges, chewables and effervescents; anything I could persuade the doctor to give me without making me a suspect of frenzied self-medication.

I kept the blasted fly at bay for 6 days. I have a sneaky feeling that when the doc gave me that prolonged dose of super antibiotics, it wiped out my teeny soldiers into oblivion, leaving the gate wide open for the Trojan Horse to amble through. *Sob*

But how did the Trojan Horse find its way to the pearly gates when my White Warriors were on vacation?

My secretary..... *cry* shook my hand *CRY* on my BIRTHDAY!!!!! *achoo!!*

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