Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy vs. Grumpy

I wonder if the 2 dwarves (as mentioned above) ever got to each others throats. Wonder what happened before mild mannered(??) Snow White with her apple-pie (using equipment which will no doubt FAIL health & safety regulations - so do NOT think that she is the epitome of housekeeping and culinary skill!) came along.

Forget dual personalities, we have 7 dwarves in each of of us to varying degrees and this is how I propose dealing with each dwarf symptom in each of us.

Pedantic smart-*insert anatomical part here* Doc needs to have the poker removed from his *insert anatomical part here.* Grumpy needs a kiss from a barmaid. Sleepy needs exercise and he'll have more friends if he got rid of his stinky pillow and stopped drooling on his beard. Sneezy needs to stop living in denial and get a hayfever jab rather than complaining of the man flu thinking it's cute to do so. Bashful needs to stop being so bloody paranoid, worrying that everyone's talking about him all the time. Dopey needs to stop pretending that he's 3 with diapers and get a proper 9-5 job with deadlines. Happy is probably depressed.

Try guess which dwarf in me in writing this.

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