Saturday, March 13, 2010


Some things have been sold already. Please confirm if you want any of the rest before I list it as "sold". You know my number; call me for the rest! Or get me on Facebook at

Pick-up can be arranged at a time that suits us both. Mattress can only go in May 2010. But think of the free pillows. Very worth the wait :p

1) ONE Study table - big lah; not super big; how big does it need to be??? It's like 2 and a half rulers long (the long ruler). FREE plastic chair and stationery.
2) ONE wardrobe - FREE 20 hangers
3) ONE bookshelf - FREE Cleo and one large pot of red poster paint (SOLD!)
4) ONE 100% latex mattress FREE 3 pillows including The Nightmare Before Christmas round pillow
5) Low square table - Buy one get one FREE
6) 2 Cloth wardrobes - FREE full length mirror (or vice versa)
7) 2 Dustbins + pail - FREE tennis balls for your dog to chew
8) CD rack - FREE extension cord (SOLD!)

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