Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Long and short

I am tempted to put photos of my long call up but as I am not completely certain it isn't against the books, I won't. Have the days after been any different? Maybe others see me differently but I'm still me; as topsy-turvy and absent-minded as ever and still wearing Bata flip-flops to work.

Do I think anything has changed? Besides having to get used to seeing my name emblazoned printed everywhere on namecards and above my door, little has changed. The traffic's still bad, the rain spills on everyone and Ipoh Hor Fun is just as salty. Like all grown ups, I still think I'm young and that my body can take the beatings of physical sports and stand stalwart against pot-bellied men standing too close in the train. Like all young people I still believe that I have the advantage of youth on my side to dally in making important decisions.

I still have my deams and try as I might to force my perceptions to be moulded as the Brain tells me I should, the Heart is in want of taming and yet I will never regret letting it burst into wild wonder. There are just some things in life, which like trees which never produce fruit, keep the ground fertile as they shed that other unexpected treasures may bloom.

Loss is never something to regret if and unless you lose the One without whom you would be utterly lost.

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