Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Jamek Triangle

Near the green pastures of Dataran Merdeka, one can find a quaint, colonial, white-washed building with burnt orange (red?) roof sitting in an estuary that floods all the time. This is the church that BK is currently (and indefinitely) working in (although at this particular point in time he might be in bed yet - lucky...).

Near the old High Court (currently Industrial Relations Court), between the waterfall (of youth) and the eternal mamak and in front of the perpetual 7-Eleven is where WN sits and wonders how to do bills of costs. He will also be there indefinitely.

In front of HSBC, in the concrete jungle which is Leboh Ampang, sits moi, twiddling my feet, pondering whether gazing longingly at my new shoe calender (a shoe a day, imagine that!) will solve my very complicated and messy life. If I were an engineer would it be any more structured?

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