Thursday, December 03, 2009


What a start to the day before Heaven ("Heaven" meaning because I get leave tomorrow, I can watch America's Next Top Model tonight)!

Kutu (flea) told me last night that I needed to have 3 documents in hand before serving it on the Attorney-General's Chambers, Bar Council and KL Bar. I only had 2 in hand because the 3rd wasn't given to me and yet I remember distinctly that Mr Murali whom in my head translates as "I-come-to-you-with-buckling-knees-and-cupcakes" told me that I could go ahead and serve my 2 documents first. Why is Mr Murali so important? Go here.

I was at a crossroads. It was early in the morning and there was too much jargon for my brain to process successfully.

Several phonecalls later, I confirmed with my life-saving friends that I had to wait for my 3 documents before serving. So now I had to confirm that with Mr Murali that I could wait before serving the same. Picked up the phone. Was about to launch into my "I-know-you-think-I'm-stupid-please-have-pity-on-me" script when someone else answered the call and all my questions without me having to kiss the ground they walked on.

Unfortunately now, although feeling slightly better, am still going through turmoil in my head.

What if the 3rd document only arrives in the New Year? What if my call date (date I get called to the Bar) falls on 9 January 2010? What if it falls on 8 January 2010? My papers have to be served 10 days before my call date. I was told to just sit tight and wait for my 3rd document before serving. Now I'm questioning the logic of everyone because what Mr Murali says is gold surely? To serve or not to serve?

Now, what I'm about to say is a perfect example of taking the Bible OUT OF CONTEXT and does not reflect the heaped spoonfuls of exegetical plumblines which we have been taught at SMACC. So I begin:-

Jesus said (paraphrasing), "I came to serve and not to be served."

Oh no!!!!! The Bible is saying that I HAVE to serve my papers. Die lor, die lor...

Going back to my straight-thinking mind, if I will receive a phonecall to say when my call date has been fixed, and if the call date is USUALLY one month after the said phonecall, I should assume that my call date will hover around late January 2010 and early February 2010 which leaves me PLENTY of time to file my papers. Further, and this is absolutely KEY, when I get my call date, I will have to serve THAT Notice within time as well. Which means I can never serve the papers I have now too late as it will never be later than when I serve my Notice! Yay!!! Huge rock just rolled of my shoulders (and the pounds drop off - I wish).

But from experience Murphy loves me. He ADORES me! So much so that if you told me that Murphy would arrange for me to end up wearing bright green shoes to my long call so that I had to borrow a pair of black shoes 300 sizes too large for me so that I appear presentable and accepted in Court, I would believe you.

But Jesus loves me more. Cos I'm just a dumb sheep :) And the big Three-in-One wanted me to do Law anyway so eventually everything will work out right?

But wait! The Bible says, "Do not test the Lord your God as you did in Meribah or Macau or McDonalds (you wouldn't believe the amount of testing I try to put God through at McDonald's)"

So what is my conclusion? That I will keep my eyes and ears alert and the second I receive confirmation of my call date and am in receipt of my Notice, I will borrow Herme's Sandals (or maybe ask a favour from one of the angels in Hebrews 1) and fly off everywhere to serve my papers to meet the deadline.

Therein ends my Thursday morning and I will be grateful to the Almighty if the rest of the day remains mundane and predictable.

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