Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sick as a dog

Haven't been feeling too well lately; haven't been feeling well the last month actually. The Flu has hit several times, occasionally coupled with Sore Throat, Migraine, Tummy Bug and Cough.

During the Word Works conference (late November), I had my first 'dip' in the already waning health graph. There are days when no amount of "holy brownie points" will get me out of bed even if it means studying Deuteronomy.

After happily announcing that Chief gave me a Friday off to rest, my whole body rebuked me from taking a day of work by allowing Virus to gate-crash my off day (2nd dip), leaving me feeling more sick-zombie instead of the happy-camper I had envisioned. I spent my off-day on Lynn's couch watching E! like a brain-dead lunatic in a winter jumper (because I complained it was cold even though the air-conditioning wasn't turned on) and couldn't even finish my Ipoh Hor Fun. Saturday and Sunday offered no reprieve and on Monday I was back at work.

I thought the worst of my insanely bad health was over after a round of Taboo and dinner on Friday night when the following Saturday my personal ecosystem got invaded by Bacteria (3rd dip). My central system went completely berserk. The room I usually complained was like a sauna seemed too cold; jeans felt like sandpaper; wind like papercuts; a hot shower - I turned the heater dial to maximum (something I usually only do when I'm sanitising the bathroom) - left me shivering; a short car ride set my nerve endings on edge as every pothole hit me like Mr. Ali. I said no to coffee and dinner(!). I went home to try sleep it off only to wake up in a fright because my whole body was hot and dry and didn't even feel like skin. For someone who hates sweating, I really wanted to break that fever without heating up any further.

Sometime during the night my fever broke.

Yesterday I lost my voice and was wheezing like a sick dog in office. The manager made me take MC whilst I looked forlornly at all my files. Today I was back at work.

I am still not well and don't know why I have been so ill lately but I know one good thing that has come out of it. I had to communicate with someone I really don't like at all (to put it mildly) recently and although usually I completely ignore this person and do the whole 'sad' high-school-mean-girl-thing, because I have been so ill, I was too tired to be nasty and we actually had a fairly good time considering the grooves of disdain and contempt left in our history.

Sometimes it takes being really sick to let go of things that don't matter and God is always there planning the next move; the author and perfector of my faith in more intricate ways than I can express.

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