Friday, December 18, 2009

The 12- wishes Christmas wishlist

Might as well. I feel sick and want to self-indulge in grovel.

12. Eric Clapton CD
11. Anything lavender
10. Horse figurine (please don't get the ugly ones that assumes anything with a long neck, concave nose and 4 legs represents a horse)
9. Shoes/ wacky wellies (Unlike some, I don't believe that if you buy a person shoes he/she will walk away from you)
8. Cookbooks
7. Jigsaw puzzle (no scenery or famous paintings)
6. Perfume
5. You can never go wrong with bath products (unless it smells of banana, cantaloupe or coconut)
4. The bestest chocolates
3. MP3 (see I'm humble - didn't ask for IPod nano... haha)
2. SLR (with zoom adjustable)
1. Sitting in a park in Winter wearing my favourite socks, watching the world go buy (some things just can't be bought)

1 comment:

Karen said...

I simply love bath products as gifts..but must buy expensive and nice one.

Erm like L'Occitane or Crab Tree and Evelyn. They smell amazing!

Happy Christmas!