Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exit strategy

Apparently approximately 2.5 million people in Britain would willingly trade a high flying job to clear manure and get kicked by perpetually PMS-ey equine. Even better, they would rather leave behind managing (supposedly) cerebrally competent homo sapiens to direct creatures that tap dance to every flying plastic bag and snort in wide-eyed fear at the gnarled shoe sitting in the drain, thinking that it may fall prey to the silent assassin.

I knew a horse called Tariq once, who stubbornly refused to step into any puddle on the ground because he couldn't see the bottom of it, but I digress.

Standing (or sitting as the case may be) at the cusp between 2009 and 2010, I have decided, if nothing else, to renew my riding lessons and find myself some velvet muzzle.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Sometimes it's really hard to see beyond the bridge of my nose (and my bridge is by no means prominent).

Sometimes change may seem a far-fetched idea (even though ironically by the same breath we resist the inevitable which we do not want to see).

Sometimes it takes a night out, a dinner, a cup of hot chocolate, a dash of sarcasm and meeting new faces that suddenly reveals possibilities I didn't dare take and old dreams are taken from their shoebox, dusted and considered.

Sometimes it takes simply making a decision to encourage me to think that I haven't completely lost the plot.

Sometimes a headache in the middle of the night, chronic gastric and a never-ending cough seems to be the only focus in life. But when God uses a painkiller to take them away albeit briefly, all of a sudden there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Some might call it a tangible reflection of the metaphysical.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The 12- wishes Christmas wishlist

Might as well. I feel sick and want to self-indulge in grovel.

12. Eric Clapton CD
11. Anything lavender
10. Horse figurine (please don't get the ugly ones that assumes anything with a long neck, concave nose and 4 legs represents a horse)
9. Shoes/ wacky wellies (Unlike some, I don't believe that if you buy a person shoes he/she will walk away from you)
8. Cookbooks
7. Jigsaw puzzle (no scenery or famous paintings)
6. Perfume
5. You can never go wrong with bath products (unless it smells of banana, cantaloupe or coconut)
4. The bestest chocolates
3. MP3 (see I'm humble - didn't ask for IPod nano... haha)
2. SLR (with zoom adjustable)
1. Sitting in a park in Winter wearing my favourite socks, watching the world go buy (some things just can't be bought)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sick as a dog

Haven't been feeling too well lately; haven't been feeling well the last month actually. The Flu has hit several times, occasionally coupled with Sore Throat, Migraine, Tummy Bug and Cough.

During the Word Works conference (late November), I had my first 'dip' in the already waning health graph. There are days when no amount of "holy brownie points" will get me out of bed even if it means studying Deuteronomy.

After happily announcing that Chief gave me a Friday off to rest, my whole body rebuked me from taking a day of work by allowing Virus to gate-crash my off day (2nd dip), leaving me feeling more sick-zombie instead of the happy-camper I had envisioned. I spent my off-day on Lynn's couch watching E! like a brain-dead lunatic in a winter jumper (because I complained it was cold even though the air-conditioning wasn't turned on) and couldn't even finish my Ipoh Hor Fun. Saturday and Sunday offered no reprieve and on Monday I was back at work.

I thought the worst of my insanely bad health was over after a round of Taboo and dinner on Friday night when the following Saturday my personal ecosystem got invaded by Bacteria (3rd dip). My central system went completely berserk. The room I usually complained was like a sauna seemed too cold; jeans felt like sandpaper; wind like papercuts; a hot shower - I turned the heater dial to maximum (something I usually only do when I'm sanitising the bathroom) - left me shivering; a short car ride set my nerve endings on edge as every pothole hit me like Mr. Ali. I said no to coffee and dinner(!). I went home to try sleep it off only to wake up in a fright because my whole body was hot and dry and didn't even feel like skin. For someone who hates sweating, I really wanted to break that fever without heating up any further.

Sometime during the night my fever broke.

Yesterday I lost my voice and was wheezing like a sick dog in office. The manager made me take MC whilst I looked forlornly at all my files. Today I was back at work.

I am still not well and don't know why I have been so ill lately but I know one good thing that has come out of it. I had to communicate with someone I really don't like at all (to put it mildly) recently and although usually I completely ignore this person and do the whole 'sad' high-school-mean-girl-thing, because I have been so ill, I was too tired to be nasty and we actually had a fairly good time considering the grooves of disdain and contempt left in our history.

Sometimes it takes being really sick to let go of things that don't matter and God is always there planning the next move; the author and perfector of my faith in more intricate ways than I can express.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What work can do to you

I am an Extrovert.

Have been one all my life. My other name is Dictator or Executive says Myer-Briggs. "Maybe psychotic," whispers Cedar-Sinai Medical Centre. I might as well tattoo ENTJ across my forehead.

After working for a year in a self-abasing environment, pushing myself to cock-a-doodle-doo limits, I take another test for the fun of it.

If the fried onion rings last night didn't stop my heart, this nearly did.

I am an Introvert. 

Thursday, December 03, 2009


What a start to the day before Heaven ("Heaven" meaning because I get leave tomorrow, I can watch America's Next Top Model tonight)!

Kutu (flea) told me last night that I needed to have 3 documents in hand before serving it on the Attorney-General's Chambers, Bar Council and KL Bar. I only had 2 in hand because the 3rd wasn't given to me and yet I remember distinctly that Mr Murali whom in my head translates as "I-come-to-you-with-buckling-knees-and-cupcakes" told me that I could go ahead and serve my 2 documents first. Why is Mr Murali so important? Go here.

I was at a crossroads. It was early in the morning and there was too much jargon for my brain to process successfully.

Several phonecalls later, I confirmed with my life-saving friends that I had to wait for my 3 documents before serving. So now I had to confirm that with Mr Murali that I could wait before serving the same. Picked up the phone. Was about to launch into my "I-know-you-think-I'm-stupid-please-have-pity-on-me" script when someone else answered the call and all my questions without me having to kiss the ground they walked on.

Unfortunately now, although feeling slightly better, am still going through turmoil in my head.

What if the 3rd document only arrives in the New Year? What if my call date (date I get called to the Bar) falls on 9 January 2010? What if it falls on 8 January 2010? My papers have to be served 10 days before my call date. I was told to just sit tight and wait for my 3rd document before serving. Now I'm questioning the logic of everyone because what Mr Murali says is gold surely? To serve or not to serve?

Now, what I'm about to say is a perfect example of taking the Bible OUT OF CONTEXT and does not reflect the heaped spoonfuls of exegetical plumblines which we have been taught at SMACC. So I begin:-

Jesus said (paraphrasing), "I came to serve and not to be served."

Oh no!!!!! The Bible is saying that I HAVE to serve my papers. Die lor, die lor...

Going back to my straight-thinking mind, if I will receive a phonecall to say when my call date has been fixed, and if the call date is USUALLY one month after the said phonecall, I should assume that my call date will hover around late January 2010 and early February 2010 which leaves me PLENTY of time to file my papers. Further, and this is absolutely KEY, when I get my call date, I will have to serve THAT Notice within time as well. Which means I can never serve the papers I have now too late as it will never be later than when I serve my Notice! Yay!!! Huge rock just rolled of my shoulders (and the pounds drop off - I wish).

But from experience Murphy loves me. He ADORES me! So much so that if you told me that Murphy would arrange for me to end up wearing bright green shoes to my long call so that I had to borrow a pair of black shoes 300 sizes too large for me so that I appear presentable and accepted in Court, I would believe you.

But Jesus loves me more. Cos I'm just a dumb sheep :) And the big Three-in-One wanted me to do Law anyway so eventually everything will work out right?

But wait! The Bible says, "Do not test the Lord your God as you did in Meribah or Macau or McDonalds (you wouldn't believe the amount of testing I try to put God through at McDonald's)"

So what is my conclusion? That I will keep my eyes and ears alert and the second I receive confirmation of my call date and am in receipt of my Notice, I will borrow Herme's Sandals (or maybe ask a favour from one of the angels in Hebrews 1) and fly off everywhere to serve my papers to meet the deadline.

Therein ends my Thursday morning and I will be grateful to the Almighty if the rest of the day remains mundane and predictable.