Monday, November 02, 2009

Mr Murali

He's the person who 'looks after' us in the KL Duta High Court. He has the power to approve or reject our documents, papers, reports, handwriting, hair, clothes, IQ... some have retreated trembling with fear (or rage) at being treated like the amateur 'not-yet-lawyer' they are.

Excerpt of conversation with the all-important Mr Murali today:-

Debbie: Hello! *smile smile*

Mr M: Hey! Where have you been? (I am one month behind in filing my papers)

Debbie: Accident. Had to replace one month. *sticks out lower lip*

Mr M: Haha, Accident? What kind of accident?

Debbie: Bicycle. See I have this scar... *points*

Mr M: Haiyorr... *pauses* ... accident still can gain weight. *chuckle chuckle*

I am not drinking Milo again. Ever. To understand context see previous post.

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