Monday, November 09, 2009

Counterfeiting vs Counting feet

Ok, so counterfeiting has nothing to do with counting feet. I think.

Unless you're counting the number of people who are involved in it. But then you would count heads instead of feet.

Unless you're vertically challenged and can't see so far ahead. But then you would have to be pretty good at division as two feet would mean one head.

Unless some counterfeiters only have one leg since they're the modern day pirates and don't some pirates have one leg?

I used to think having a pirated dvd was no big deal. A fake Gucci (fake-schmake) was a reason to laugh at someone else who obviously couldn't afford the lifestyle a Gucci promised. Fake Burberry was something the dog could wear.

Then I was asked to write an international piece on counterfeiting. Being me, any piece that has an opinion has to have my opinion. I don't like counterfeiting ideas :p

Having to have an opinion about something meant having to have principles behind the opinion. Having to have principles meant having to have morals. Morals meant ethics. Ethics meant philosophy. Philosophy meant religion and religion meant God. The first verse that came to mind was, "Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a..." (quick recaliberation of Biblical theology flagged it as out of context).

Second verse was, "Casting pearls before swine." I can tell that I'm still excited after having had pork last night. If I have to write about anti-counterfeiting, I have to live anti-counterfeiting. It's hard to put your soul into your work when there's no soul to begin with.

I think I would rather write about counting feet.

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