Monday, November 30, 2009

So so tired

I did something awful. Or nearly.

Felt so horrible I nearly forced myself to have an all-out binge so that I could punish myself for having an all-out binge.

I nearly burst into tears in front of the Chief cos I felt overwhelmed.

Felt like there was no point to whatever point there might have been anymore.

Then Chief said, "I think you should take Friday off."

I knew December would be a great month...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Heaven will be purple

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If only I could hit the snooze button on time, I would spend all day in childlike rest and all night star gazing and smelling like perfume. And God will be right there. He's all I need.

Friday, November 13, 2009

CPU down

When the effects of Affirmation take over, very little can be said and/or done to override it.

Rahni said I had lost weight. Camy very nearly said I was thin (or maybe I just chose to interpret it that way).

I was so happy...

...that I went to treat myself to an 'eat-all-you-want-gorge-my-heart-out' fest at Pasta Zanmai (yes, the same place Santa Claus blacklisted 2 entries below) and I even had.... dessert; profiteroles with ice cream and chocolate sauce topped with almond slivers, no less.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Counterfeiting vs Counting feet

Ok, so counterfeiting has nothing to do with counting feet. I think.

Unless you're counting the number of people who are involved in it. But then you would count heads instead of feet.

Unless you're vertically challenged and can't see so far ahead. But then you would have to be pretty good at division as two feet would mean one head.

Unless some counterfeiters only have one leg since they're the modern day pirates and don't some pirates have one leg?

I used to think having a pirated dvd was no big deal. A fake Gucci (fake-schmake) was a reason to laugh at someone else who obviously couldn't afford the lifestyle a Gucci promised. Fake Burberry was something the dog could wear.

Then I was asked to write an international piece on counterfeiting. Being me, any piece that has an opinion has to have my opinion. I don't like counterfeiting ideas :p

Having to have an opinion about something meant having to have principles behind the opinion. Having to have principles meant having to have morals. Morals meant ethics. Ethics meant philosophy. Philosophy meant religion and religion meant God. The first verse that came to mind was, "Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a..." (quick recaliberation of Biblical theology flagged it as out of context).

Second verse was, "Casting pearls before swine." I can tell that I'm still excited after having had pork last night. If I have to write about anti-counterfeiting, I have to live anti-counterfeiting. It's hard to put your soul into your work when there's no soul to begin with.

I think I would rather write about counting feet.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Black paper

I doubt Santa will fill my stocking this year.

When he tiptoes pass my bed I will jump up and demand my orange bag and he will look at his list sadly and say...

"Did you or did you not, on the 6th day of the month of November in the year 2009 at approximately 9pm in Pasta Zanmai in Midvalley, polish off a scallop pizza, katsu chicken pasta, a whole crab and a pot of green tea... all by yourself?"

The end of the beginning

Yesterday was my last day as a chambering student. My only consolation is that God wants me here more than I want to be. Don't get me wrong, I am comforted and confident that this is where God wants me to be but it's hardly a self-assured confidence rather, it is of quiet faith, patient endurance and humble perseverance.

Bursting into tears whilst typing emails surrounded by mountains of files that need to be exorcised is common fare these days. As long as I manage to hide my red-rimmed eyes from the Clients, the misery goes unnoticed. Staring at grey carpet, wondering whether a certain ball of fluff was there the day before is more comforting than watching lives go by. Some Clients are driving me to the dangerous brink of shoving their business back in their face and telling them to take their upturned noses, ridiculous expectations and shallow pockets elsewhere.

Should being a 'professional' dictate what I should and shouldn't do?

Or, should being true to myself dictate how I carry my 'profession'?

I'm really tired.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Top 10 indications

You know you're in Malaysia when:-

1) "I see you in 5 minutes" means 15, 15 means 30 and 30 means 120. Do the maths.

2) Lepakking (loitering aimlessly) is a legitimate pastime.

3) Teh tarik (type of Indian tea) kurang manis (less sugar) means only 5 tablespoons of sugar

4) The first decision that involves thinking every morning is deciding what to eat

5) Bata is synonymous with shoes

6) Petaling Street is automatically tipped as a tourist hot-spot

7) Anyone can watch English, Cantonese, Hokkien, Tamil and Hindi movies and understand it perfectly if they can understand the Malay subtitles that go with it

8) Most advertisements will have a least one Malay, Chinese and Indian to (over)emphasise racial harmony so that 'no one' feels left out. Someone clearly forgot the Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Bisaya, Lun Bawang, Orang Ulu, Kayan, Kadazan, Bajau, Murut, Oang Asli, Penan, Baba Nyonya, Peranakan...

9) Voices over the intercom in trains, airports and radio sound like Americans trying to speak English like a local (like Chow Yun Fatt in "Anna and the King")


10) You KNOW you are in Malaysia and have truly assimilated when... Nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, nasi goreng cina, nasi goreng pattaya, mee hailam, dim sum, nasi goreng usa, chee cheong fun, woh teah, gu bak mi, ipoh hor fun, ipoh hor hee, bamboo chicken, lotus root soup, ginseng chicken soup, sze chuan chicken soup, pek tin soup, groundnut and pig tail soup, ying yong, tau iu tu bak, lo bak, tu ka, ke ka, ang chiu ak, tomato mee, roti canai, roti telur bawang, maggi goreng, roti tisu, limau ais, cin cau, nasi briyani, murukku, chak fun, chendol, laksa, kari, mee jawa, kampua mee, kolo mee, mee pok, longan ais, wantan mee, murtabak, butter pork, dhal, squid with egg, ngo mi teng, sea coconut and lemon, lo mai kai, pi tan, chicken kurma, char siu pau, siu pau (different from char siu pau :p), hu ngang, egg foo yong, pohpiah, seng kam chui, bidin cha sardin, ocien, mani chai, 'wall band' and 'mat to lo' ... all sound like home to you.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Mr Murali

He's the person who 'looks after' us in the KL Duta High Court. He has the power to approve or reject our documents, papers, reports, handwriting, hair, clothes, IQ... some have retreated trembling with fear (or rage) at being treated like the amateur 'not-yet-lawyer' they are.

Excerpt of conversation with the all-important Mr Murali today:-

Debbie: Hello! *smile smile*

Mr M: Hey! Where have you been? (I am one month behind in filing my papers)

Debbie: Accident. Had to replace one month. *sticks out lower lip*

Mr M: Haha, Accident? What kind of accident?

Debbie: Bicycle. See I have this scar... *points*

Mr M: Haiyorr... *pauses* ... accident still can gain weight. *chuckle chuckle*

I am not drinking Milo again. Ever. To understand context see previous post.