Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sarah's Chat

As if talking to Sarah online isn't enough, I've made her stay up til past 1am the last 2 nights when I was back in my hometown doing little else but talking. Note: Whilst 1am is not generally late for young working adults, in Kuching it is :) So after chats over chocolate mints and playing 3 rounds of UNO Stacko (which I won consecutively - nyek nyek) about my mood swings and dot dot dot and dot dot dot (and the other) what did we decide on?

1) I'm going to try to not live in the past
2) I'm going to be optimistic about the future
3) I need to set realistic standards for myself and for others
4) I should give myself a break
5) I'm going to give other people a chance and take chances myself

Easy to say. I can sense my breath getting shorter just thinking about trying to let go.

1 comment:

mad_scientist said...

5 valid points indeed ... same here for me as I begin a new chapter here in Kuching