Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The poise of a fire hydrant

#morning shuffling#

Person X: Morning Debbie!

#Debbie gives small wave. Walks over to stand next to person X.#

Person X: You're looking nice today!

Debbie: #gives look of disbelief# What do you mean? I'm all in black. There's no colour.

Person X: Yes, it's nice! You're wearing all black and then you have these *touches* earrings and your gold shoes match the black. And you've tied your hair up. Very nice.

Debbie: I just pulled it out of my cupboard cause I couldn't fit into anything else. This is comfortable. #tugs to show ample room - emphasising that I wear clothes that are tent-shaped#

Person X: No, you haven't put on weight! You used to be chubby when you first started but now you've kurus badan (lost weight).

Debbie: No-lah, no-lah. I weighed myself. I'm heavier now than I was before the accident.

Person X: So how heavy are you?

Debbie: XX.XXkg

Person X: Nooooo!! Can't be. I'm XX.XXkg and you don't look like that! Your weighing scale must be salah (wrong). I use the digital one.

Debbie: Is it? (knowing I also used a digital weighing scale)

Later that day..... in Chief's office.

Chief: Nice earrings!

Debbie: #holding files and wondering if it's a decoy comment for somethng else# Oh... ok.

~ I think I want to slap myself. I have completely forgotten how to say thank you. ~

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