Friday, October 30, 2009

Hidden dangers

Some secrets we discover hit us like a snooker ball in the chest. Others creep up on us, terrorizing our sleep patterns and haunting our daydreams. Yet others unveil at a most opportune time how close we could have been to teetering over the horizon and into the unknown.

I thought that by giving up my succulent portions of deliciously greasy and crispy Indian pancake for breakfast (roti canai), I would achieve the weight loss I had always been looking for, replacing my mornings with a hot drink and if absolutely necessary (which I must emphasise for those who know my addiction to chocolate, were few and far between), a chocolate chip muffin. Nearly half a year later, my no-breakfast policy shows little effect (actually it shows a lot of effect which I would rather it not!) and I am close to throwing myself into a liquid-only diet to try lose calories my body magnetically attracts.

Today suddenly in coversation I found that my nemesis for weight loss lay quietly hiding in my daily morning cup of chocolate malt (Milo). To make things worse, I was discreetly informed that my so-called weight-loss breakfast was more calorific than any ammunition the greasiest Indian pancake could attack me with.



After some deliberation, I figured that my waistline was more important to me than the potential of hurting the coffee lady's feelings by telling her I wasn't going to have anymore morning chocolate malts.

Let's see how much I lose by Christmas. CW: 5x.xxkg; GW: 48kg.

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mad_scientist said...

hmm, dunno if u ever got a certain chain mail a few years back, but it said that mainland chinese are usually thinner than overseas chinese because they follow the rule of "take breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a peasant/pauper". Meaning eat progressively lesser over the day. After all, breakfast is before we start our day's work, and dinner is before we wind down to sleep.

Not like us Malaysians who usually skip breakfast, give lunch a quickie bite and feast for dinner - not to mention our tea breaks, suppers and midnight snacks!