Monday, October 12, 2009

All I need...

It takes very little to tip the scale.

Finding only 6 dollars in your wallet.
Not having feet that smell like roses.
Feeling like a rolly-polly.
Answering one more thoughtless query.
Stepping in another dirty puddle.
Realizing that realism is overtaking fantasy.
Standing up for someone who you knew betrayed you.
Sleeping in fresh sheets.
Knowing that friends really do care.
Even though they get annoyed when you turn up an hour late at the station.
And reduce you to the Hufflepuff clan of Harry Potter.
Friends who organize dim sum brunch.
Or remember to keep that magazine with pretty pictures in it just for you to see.
Or call when they see you on MSN.
Or look after your other friends.
Watching long-lost cartoons you thought you'll never see again.
Because someone created YouTube.
Looking at old photographs.
Hearing someone's voice on the phone.
And wondering if your own has changed as much.
Wondering where joy started.
Realising it was probably always there.
Remembering that I am about you.
Because "U" is ace even when I am feeling like "U" is an "S."
Saying sorry.

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