Monday, August 10, 2009

Star wishes

I want

to spend

my lifetime



for a living

Fairytales like this one:

"These small and perishable bodies we now have were given to us as ponies are given to schoolboys. We must learn to manage: not that we may some day be free of horses altogether but that some day we may ride bare-back, confident and rejoicing, those greater mounts, those winged, shining and world-shaking horses which perhaps even now expect us with impatience, pawing and snorting in the King's stables. Not that gallop would be of any value unless it were a gallop with the King; but how else - since He has retained His own charger - should we accompany Him?" ~ an excerpt from Miracles by CS Lewis ~

(indirectly introduced by Shibboleth; years of anti-plagiarism grounded into my head at College has caused me to feel easily guilty about making use of passages others have used before as if repeating it would take away the beauty of the words that struck so true a chord in the first place. Either that, or Sam will come after me with a large trout.)

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