Monday, July 13, 2009


The Firm's having its Annual Dinner and Dance (ADD), also known as a time to let your hair down if you happen to be a closet ADD of another sort (Attention Deficit Disorder - do I really have to spell it out for you?). This year they've come up with some theme thingy based on 'singers.' If I go dressed as Madonna or Britney (Lord help me) or J-Lo (slightly more respectable), the most I'd don would be some see-through lace thingy with thigh high boots paired with a Louis Vuitton bag and Aviator glasses.

That's boring to the max. Given that MJ just moonwalked off this planet, I'm sure someone would turn up as him and someone's friend would turn up as Elvis so either option is out. I'm not blonde enough to be Marilyn or dark enough to be Marilyn Manson. I'm certainly not buff enough to pass for Jay-Z and my booty would do Tina Turner no good turns.

Just as I thought I had no choice but to go as pie-making Snow White (someone should send the Health and Safety Officers after her judging by the way she enlists the help of icky jungle fowl to bake her pies), a grin and smirk caught my eye and in an instant I knew that my high-pitched voice was given for such a moment as this.


jk said...

you gonna book another room to stay after the event? 700rm?

Debibo said...

it's free! :)