Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Clocking out

After 375 hours of work today, my nerves felt like they had been hit by a tank of caffeine on an empty stomach. I couldn't even stand still while waiting for the train. Thoughts of crashing into bed were eluded by the lure of Thai curry sneaking through the air on the walk home so I popped into the local 7-Eleven and grabbed some decent reading material featuring posh food and 18th century English barn convertions before digging into some kong nam fried rice at Piccadilly (the restaurant and nowhere near Bridget Jones or Colin Firth unfortunately).

Now, I'm ready for bed, smelling of my favourite perfume. How long will this last? According to my watch, another 22 minutes.

Bring on Wednesday.

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σοφια said...

hey you,

sorry to hear work is so tough. i guess on the bright side, the harder the work is the steeper the learning curve. if u need help perhaps u can ask to share someones secretary or get you own? If the bosses allow u i suppose.