Wednesday, June 17, 2009


2000 - i can feel a headache coming... really want a massage.
2200 - headache. turn over. maybe it'll go away. hong iu and tiger balm.
0000 - still there. tiger balm addict.
0300 - can't take it anymore. 450mg naproxen goes in. luckily none comes back up although mental plan was made to rush to bathroom.
0500 - should i take leave off work tomorrow? can feel joint cramps kicking in.
0630 - shower. maybe a head massage with hair conditioner would work. sticks 'salonplas' heat plasters all over body. i smell like 2 grandmothers rolled into one.
0730 - at work. not hungry. hungry. not hungry. hungry. milo.
0930 - have 2 hours gone by already???
1100 - is it just me or is it really warm?
1300 - i really need to sleep. anything to eat? 5 peanuts.
1400 - someone suggests i take the day off. i shrug; it's only 3 more hours to the bell.
1500 - i am feeling unnaturally cold. wearing 3 layers and a pashmina. i start hearing voices which are calling me and when i go to the room with pen in hand, she looks at me puzzled because she hadn't called. thoughts off quitting and returning to 'normal' chambering runs through my head.
1600 - next lot of medication; 1g panadol. there's email after email after email after email....
1630 - everyone seems to think their work is more important for me to complete. i have over 25 things staring back at me. i like to do lists but this seems out of hand.
1700 - hand work in. wait....
1730 - time to go home! but medicine has kicked in and now i feel it a waste to leave when i can work. still waiting for work to be commented on.
1830 - waiting... wondering if i'll make it home in time to collect laundry
1930 - liklihood of collecting laundry drifting further and further away. work day ends well. you can only see the silver lining really clearly when the sun [SON of GOD]'s in the right place.
2000 - roti telur bawang and macdonald's chocolate coated cone.
2200 - no headache. going to bed. looking forward to tomorrow.

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