Friday, May 15, 2009


I'll be returning to Mamak-heaven KL the end of next week ready for work on Monday. Despite being in the cat seat of good food, I have been feeling quite the Tantalus, having food before me, yet unable to eat it because of my punctured lip and broken tooth. Hopefully I'll be able to stuff a woh teah (dumpling) through before the week is up.

Wai Nyan, Michael, if you're reading this, Kuching's "Uncle Bob" is unfortunately, a poor representation of our usual, I think Wolverine can give Spock (were his parents Spoon and Fork?) a run for his money and there's NO 7-layered teh si peng on this side of reality (I even checked with the Jabohs).

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mad_scientist said...

I didn't know Kuching had imitation 'uncle bob' ... come to think of it, much of Kuching's imitations are lousy. Stick to being original, Kuchingnites (e.g. tomato kueh teow)!
... being a sci fi freak I'm naturally biased (i never liked Wolverine though I liked X men; however, if got one about magneto or prof X then I might be of a different opinion!)
... and yes, looks like 5 layer teh C peng is the limit.