Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking for a gift horse

People say, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." Without diving headfirst into Google or Wikipedia, I personally think there could be several explanations to this strange phrase. Here I'll give just two.

In case you didn't know already, one can tell the age of a horse by looking into its mouth at its back teeth so perhaps it means we shouldn't be sceptical when judging a person's goodwill and shouldn't always assume that there's an ulterior motive behind a generous gesture ie we shouldn't assume that the person is giving us 'the horse' only because it's worn out or old or useless.

The other explanation could be meant as a warning. Looking into a horse's mouth means, well, opening the horse's mouth wide and peering inside. Now, a horse may be vegetarian but it doesn't mean it can't take off a chunk of your face if it decides to clamp its mouth shut. I should know. I nearly had my finger snapped in two by my irresistably psychotic 'Prince Charming.'

Although I've never considered myself a claypot person (with the exception of Claypot Chicken rice, ditto the charred rice at the bottom when the rice is scooped out), Tenmoku Pottery boasts some pretty nifty pottery which includes magnets, various cutlery, vases and statuettes. I'm unabashed in saying that what really caught my eye however were their animal designs, namely the ones of the equine variety.

I am so well taken in by Tenmoku that I think everyone should have at least one figurine from Tenmoku to remind them to cultivate some antiquated luxury in their lives. I'll add a warning in advance; it does set one back a pretty penny but in my humble (but extremely biased) opinion it is well worth the investment.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I've seen better days

Looking through photos of the accident, 2 thoughts spring to mind:

1) I wish I had made someone taken photos of my bloodied jeans and arms and when my lip was still an open, bloody gap before it was cleaned and stitched up.

2) Comparing my post-accident with my pre-accident photos, I certainly have to say, in hindsight, that I consider my pre-accident self darn good looking! I moaned today that I had lived (and passed) my 'hey-day' hippie glory of cornrows and multiple piercings - I had to remove my 8 piercings for CAT scans and X-rays and all but 3 holes have officially shut. My cells regenerate fairly quickly even without the aid of birds' nest.

Heaven is a little far off to stir resolve to 'get going' with the daily mill but there's a Little White Dress from Dorothy Perkins that I have my mind set on...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cool it

I very much dislike feeling vulnerable.

Am feeling vulnerable because I don't feel as adept at protecting myself.

For example, in the event some idiot one bumps into my bad arm in a cramped LRT, while before I would give the person a good shove with my once dominant arm, now I can only throw an internal tantrum and wish that someone else would avenge me and step on their big, smelly feet.

When I feel vulnerable and am without Sir Gallahad, Lancelot and Arthur (with horse) to protect me I get tetchy, cranky, moody. Irrationally malicious.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I'll be returning to Mamak-heaven KL the end of next week ready for work on Monday. Despite being in the cat seat of good food, I have been feeling quite the Tantalus, having food before me, yet unable to eat it because of my punctured lip and broken tooth. Hopefully I'll be able to stuff a woh teah (dumpling) through before the week is up.

Wai Nyan, Michael, if you're reading this, Kuching's "Uncle Bob" is unfortunately, a poor representation of our usual, I think Wolverine can give Spock (were his parents Spoon and Fork?) a run for his money and there's NO 7-layered teh si peng on this side of reality (I even checked with the Jabohs).