Friday, April 03, 2009

Tooting Jenny's horn

I don't usually toot other people's horns in case I get too much spit in them than is otherwise possible to remove...

However, it is impossible NOT to blow Jenny's horn, wedding photographer extraordinaire. Book her a year-and-a-half in advance or miss out on a wedding shoot of a lifetime (or of a marriage but that's one road let's not go down). You could always book her for anniversaries!!

Shots like these have made her the international name she is:

Despite my fetish for artistic footwear (of which Jenny has several beautiful shots), my biased favourite is below. No prizes for guessing why. For more of her wonderful work, please go to Jenny Sun Photography.


Tall said...

i hope you asked for permission to use her pics on your blog :P

Debibo said...

funny, woman. unlike some photographers, it wasn't a copycat post :p the only objection i think she could raise is that i'm not classy enough :p too much orange!