Monday, April 27, 2009

Operation Bicycle

I thank all my friends who took charge and stood by me when I was neither in the frame of mind to think nor the capacity to act.

Day: Saturday
Date: 25/04/09
Time: Between 1.13 - 1.17pm

Combine a steep hill, 50kg going at 50km/h and bicycle brakes applied too hard, too fast and you get your answer.

I can't recall how I fell but I remember the few seconds before I kissed the gravel as the bike skidded downhill bringing me with it before coming to a stop. Thankfully I didn't lose consciousness. Still thinking about getting to my bike party a few kilometres away, I immediately tried to get up but realised to my shock that I couldn't straighten my back and could only walk in circles so I went down on the grass on my knees. That's when I noticed that I had dislocated my right arm and saw all the blood. I didn't know where all the blood was coming from but it was dripping everywhere. My jeans, hands, arms were all bloody and blood dripped on my phone as I tried to call Yin Soon, one in the group I was cycling with. I wanted to lie down but was worried Yin Soon wouldn't be able to find me and I didn't want to risk losing consciousness. After he arrived I let him take over as I physically dropped into conservation mode. 3 clinics/ hospitals and 6 hours later I was wheeled into the operating theatre.

For a brief moment under the afternoon sun, my blood dripping on the ground, my morbid mind thought of dying.

"If i just lie down now and lose consciousness that'll be it. No more worries."

Even with those thoughts going through my mind, at the point when I wanted to just give up, I thought not of family or friends or awards I had won or dreams I wanted fulfilled. I thought only of Christ and was satisfied then as I am now, with whatever the outcome.

Now I'm nursing my battle scars which includes a perforated upper lip, dislocated shoulder, multiple lacerations and abrasions, burnt tissue, broken tooth and a face that looks like I got slammed by a ton of ice.

Even then, there are an incredible amount of things to be grateful for, besides being alive, including:

1) I only dislocated one arm albeit my dominant arm
2) I wasn't blinded
3) My eardrums are intact
4) It's my tooth out there in Shah Alam not another body part
5) The hole in my face was a mere half-a-centimetre away from my lipline. If it had passed my lipline, I would have required further speech therapy
6) I'm still mentally sound; wit going strong
7) Cat scan revealed no anomalies which means there's no alien thing up there in my head causing my migraines
8) Despite my many piercings my ear didn't tear
9) My 'that-time-of-the-month' ended a few days before the trip - I dont know how I would cope with it if I had to deal with that on top of everything else
10) That despite all the world says, men do lead, and women will follow

It is true you know, what doesn't kill you only strengthens you for the future.


ju said...

get well soon....

yes.. u will only get stronger...

Leo said...

That's scary.. Take care of yoursef better. I don't want to lose a fren like that. Get well soon!