Saturday, April 18, 2009

In knots

I'm quite pleased that I'm getting increasingly better at choosing ties not otherwise for myself. I used to choose Scooby-doo ties for people. For my passport photo (which lasted 5 years as passports do) I wore a red tie with sheep on it. Those were the days when I thought being a boy was cool. For my graduation I wore a maroon tie with a shar-pei on it. The Chair of the Board smiled at me when she said, "Nice tie." I still don't know if she were being sarcastic.

To me ties are a representation of the person's personality. It used to be that a striped tie told me you had none so I didn't buy it for you cos I believed you did have personality.

Some time ago I bought a yellow tie for someone. I usually stay clear of yellow but I knew it a safe enough colour as said person used another yellow tie from time to time. Although I could've picked a subtle yellow tie, I couldn't resist picking one which featured purple horses running across it. At worst the person would give away the tie to a charity shop. At best, I get to say that I've actually put down money for a yellow tie with purple horses running across it.

Lately however, I've had to buy more and more ties. No biggie you think but the ties had to be serious ties; sombre-looking ties; in my mind, boring ties. I found myself completely out of my depth.

The few serious ties I thought looked 'sufficiently serious' was given 'looks-like-carpet' status by Lay San. That, or "Only grandfathers wear that." The ties we eventually chose were much appreciated and in heeding Yin Soon's advice to look for subtle designs, I ventured again into the tie world last night and this morning and came away with 3 purchases.

Fingers crossed, however subtle it may be, I hope my beneficiaries don't find stripes boring or lacking in personality.

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