Friday, March 13, 2009


I am the person who randomly texts to see how you're doing. And then texts/ Facebooks/ pokes/ MSNs/ calls if you don't reply within 24 hours and I don't know where you are and am under the mad (and thankfully always wrong) presumption that you're lying in a ditch somewhere... or are getting mugged... or just got into a road accident... or worse. Sometimes, the erratic part of me calls just to make sure my friend hasn't committed suicide :(

In my mind, the least of my problems would be you ignoring me (for whatever reason) but because I'm a narcissist, I never think you actually want to ignore me even though I always think of the possibility of you ignoring me :p

Sometimes if I think you've been kidnapped and the kidnappers have barred my number after freaking out when I texted the first time asking how you were, I would call someone else to call you. Just to make sure. Then maybe the kidnappers would let you go cos they would be too scared to deal with all these crazy friends who call for no reason.

Who cares if you don't like me to hang around? When was a two-way street ever a pre-requisite for caring?

Albeit in a paranoid sort of way.

I don't have much. I have my heart. It's for you.

When I see funny books I think of you. When I see teacups and orange teapots and elephants I think of you. When I see pink and purple and green and brown and orange I think of you. When I think of food I think of you. When I want a hug no one else can give, I think of you. When I see Gucci and Kenzo and Ben&Jerry's I think of you. When I see Rudyard Kipling, Wordsworth and Byron I think of you. When I hear people speaking Japanese and imagine ice skating I think of you. When I see mega-large sunglasses and Audrey Hepburn I think of you. When I see wooden carvings, exotic jewellery and beaded ornaments, I think of you. When I see seashells and tortoises and printed paper I think of you. I can go on all day.

I think of you everyday.

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