Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monsoon season

The rainy season has been a blast so far. We've had thunderstorms almost every other day, complete with cracked lightning and ankle deep puddles (waist high in some places). Some days I like to do nothing else but watch the rain pour down or watch the wind blow it in any direction or send trickled streams across the window pane.

Many see the rain as a necessary inconvenience, something that should only happen when people are not busy rushing around trying to finish their daily chores. Many regard God in the same light. Many see God as someone who should let people do their own thing until the day they die and then welcome them with open arms into His golden palace because they've lived such full and fulfilling lives making a name for themselves. Some people just don't get it

It's nice to have such heavy rain. It shows people up for who they really are. A plane in a thunderstorm. A ship in a squall. Why are people afraid when faced with awesome Nature? Because deep down they know that their man-made devices are flawed and a mockery in the face of Reality. In the face of a Creator who controls these extremities. A Creator they are trying to run from. Hide from. Trying.

Sometimes it's funny to see people run helter-skelter from a few drops. It's only rain. If you're so scared of a little drop, what are you going to do when Jesus returns? Really.

I like the rain. It drowns out the nonsensical voices that only know how to spout rubbish and washes the air clean of the stink the voices leave behind. Bring on the rain.

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